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Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability is an important pillar in Maltha's mission. We stand for absolute quality of process and product and maximum safety for people and the environment. That is responsible entrepreneurship.

We take responsibility in various ways. With our business model, we combine economy with ecology. Thus, we take our social responsibility as regards sustainability as a given.

Furthermore, we vouch for the quality of our services and products. In order to continuously monitor and improve this quality, we have extensive ISO certifications. We also have various specific certifications for our end products, such as the End-of-Waste certificate for our glass cullet.

Glass recycling takes place in an industrial environment with heavy equipment and within a factory with many moving parts. Being able to work safely on and around our sites is an absolute prerequisite. We therefore take our responsibility for providing a maximum safe environment very seriously. We also place the highest demands on our partners in order to guarantee the safety of our employees, customers, local residents and all other stakeholders at all times.