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About Maltha

Maltha is a leading recycler of hollow and flat glass waste and supplier of clean glass cullet as a high-quality raw material for the glass and glass wool industries. Glass is endlessly recyclable without loss of quality. A typical example of the circular economy.

With a workforce of over 250, we process more than 1 million metric tons of glass waste from companies and municipalities every year. To illustrate: if you were to put that weight of glass in wine bottles standing next to each other, you would cover almost 4,500 football pitches. Or if you lined up the bottles neck to bottom, you could circle the globe twice!

For the collection of the glass, we work closely with collection companies and recycling schemes throughout Europe. The collected glass is purified and reprocessed into various types of glass cullet at Maltha in an advanced manner. This is done entirely to the specifications of our customers in the glass and glass wool industries. Thus, for example, beer bottles can already consist of more than 80% recycled glass.

Maltha's history dates back to the year 1921. From a local player in the Dutch town of Schiedam, Maltha grew into a leading glass recycler in Europe. Today, Maltha operates in four European countries with seven specialised processing locations.

So we have no less than 100 years of experience in glass, glass recycling and glass re-use. Our ambition is to make possible new glass packaging made from 100% recycled glass. We also aspire to convert all incoming raw glass into secondary raw materials.