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Glass is the perfect raw material for new glass. It lasts for ever and is 100% recyclable, with no loss of quality. Waste glass is a typical example of the circular economy and proof that waste really does not need to exist.

Thanks to the high quality glass cullet that we produce at Maltha through advanced processing techniques, using 1 kg of glass cullet saves 1.2 kg of primary raw materials. With every 10% of cullet input, glass manufacturers also save up to 3% of the energy required for their production process. This leads to considerable savings in energy costs and provides a CO2 saving of no less than 0.67 kg per kilo of recycled glass cullet used.

Apart from the glass, we also use the removed contamination for useful new applications. We generate renewable energy from the residual waste that is generated when we purify the collected glass. Other materials eliminated, such as metals and plastics, go back into the material chain to be used as new raw materials. In this way, we give all waste a second life, preferably in endless cycles.

Collection of hollow- and flat glass

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The glass cycle

The glass goes through an extensive process between the glass container and the glass factory. But how do we actually complete the circle?

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