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Maltha recertified for 3 years at level 4 on the CO2 Performance Ladder

03 May 2022

As with the other Renewi and Coolrec sites in the Netherlands, glass recycler Maltha has a successful recertification process under its belt, which demonstrates that it is meeting the requirements for level 4 on the CO2-Performance Ladder The CO2-Performance Ladder is a sustainability tool that encourages companies to measure and reduce CO2 emissions from their business operations, projects and within the chain.

The CO2 performance ladder is primarily promoted and applied in public tenders during which demonstrable efforts regarding reduced CO2 emissions are rewarded in the form of a (fictitious) reduction on the tender price.

Kevin Bell, Managing Director Maltha: “Renewi is fulfilling its responsibility to increase the positive impact and value creation from our business activities by limiting the environmental impact and the ecological footprint of our business operations. Our core business of recycling (glass, in our case) is very sustainable in itself and saves a considerable amount of CO2 for our customers both in front of and behind the scenes. But this recertification also makes it clear that Matlha does this in a very sustainable manner.

CO2-Performance Ladder

The CO2-Performance Ladder consists of 5 levels, ascending from 1 to 5. To achieve a certain level, an organisation and its projects must satisfy set requirements.

Levels 1 to 3 inclusive relate to the emissions and energy from the organisation itself and all projects. On levels 4 and 5, in addition to the organisation’s own emissions and energy, the emissions and energy in the chain and in the sector are also taken into account and work is done on innovations/innovation projects.

The recertification of the fourth certification standard reflects Renewi’s sustainability strategy to continue to make its recycling activities more sustainable.